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Driven, adaptive and fast-learning computer science graduate always seeking opportunities that put his creativity and passionate desire for serving and learning to good use.


Throughout my years at the UWI I've been involved in numerous activities and initiatives which have developed myself not only as developer but as an all-rounded individual. I have also undertaken several projects, each one demanding more than the last with intention of challenging myself to reach beyond what I have been exposed to in undergrad by exploring and learning different technologies, libraries, tools and methodologies in software development.


An application which organizes students into groups and assign quizzes to them.

An application for creating quizzes of different formats eg Multiple Choice, Matching columns

An application which incentivizes recycling and provides services which make recycling easier. Winning solution of the YoPro hackathon event.

FeaturesTechnologies UsedLibraries/Frameworks
Profile: personal accounts whereby users may gain points by using the system and recycling, which can be redeemed for various rewards (eg hampers, coupons, discounts etc)

Green Pickup: recyclable pickup request system

Green Finder: Interactive map of recycling plants, initiatives and events

Green Feed: An Eco-friendly Community Forum

Green Terminals: Allowing points to be earned upon using recycling machines Similar Idea
PHP, JS, CSS, HTMLBootstrap, jQuery, Google Maps API

As the final year group project AAP is an application which allows employers to post job openings and find the optimum applicant for the job by performing an in-depth custom search on applicants, shortlist the results and compare applicants side by side.

FeaturesTechnologies UsedLibraries/Frameworks
Posting Jobs
Searching Applicants
Increase an applicants rating by terms found in their CV
Search and Sort results
Shortlist Applicants
Save/Load Searches
XAMMP server, SQL, PHP, JS, CSS, HTMLBootstrap, jQuery, highcharts,
smalot, slimPHP, wenzhixin bootstrap table

Application submission of the 2nd Place Winner; Team Dawn in the Telios Code Jam Competition 2015. Budget-Ting is an application that manages; dieting, cooking and grocery shopping while allowing the user to save money.

FeaturesTechnologies UsedLibraries/Frameworks
Customizing a diet
Adjusting budget
generate meal list that minimizes wastage
generate shopping list
XAMMP server, SQL, PHP, JS, CSS, HTMLGoogle Polymer, jQuery


Other Work


The University of The West Indies Computing Society (UWICS) is an ever evolving association founded in 1996 with the goal of becoming a platform to expose members to opportunities for competition, learning and greater involvement in the computing and technology industry.

  • Club PRO 2012-2013
  • Club President 2013-2014
  • Club Treasurer 2014-2015

UWI Jammers

Using technology to have fun while learning. Jammers' goal is to provide a space that will encourage students and alumni of computing fields (CS, IT, ECE) to explore new technologies and push the boundary of what we think is possible in our side of the world. Throughout my undergrad I have participated in the numerous events and sessions put on by the Jammers as an attendee and as a facilitator.

Coder Dojo

Coder Dojo is an international initiative where by children and teenagers are taught programming. I had the privilege of participating as a mentor in the Caribbean's first Coder Dojo held In UWI St.Augustine, by The Department of Computing & IT and Digicel.


YoPro Hackathon 2015

A coding competitions where independent developers must create an application which addresses waste management in our country in the small time frame of 7 hours. My submission was the Trini-Green application.

Competition Winner

DevCa Code Sprint

A coding competition held by The Developing Caribbean where teams were given just 24 hours to make an application making use of open datasets provided. Our solution comprised of an application which made use of TATT datasets which displayed cell tower radiation levels across the country as an example of an Open App, (open source software build with open data) hosted on website we called the Appertus Platform.

2nd Place Winner

Teleios Code Jam 2014

A software development competition where teams submit applications under the year's theme: Internet of things which solves a particular problem. I belonged to Team Dawn and our entry was Budget-Ting.

  • Best Presentation
  • Best Code Challenge
  • 2nd Place Winner

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